Dr. Michael Kurzman's general and cosmetic dermatology practice in Staten Island, New York offers many options to those who wish to enhance their appearance. Today's cosmetic dermatology procedures offer the opportunity to enhance physical features and improve self-esteem. Dr. Michael Kurzman treats all types of skin diseases and disorders as well as offering the newest and most innovative approaches to cosmetic dermatologic procedures.

Looking your best begins with proper skin care. Dermatological maintenance helps prevent and correct many skin problems caused by the sun and environmental pollutants. Facial blemishes, acne, wrinkles and skin cancer can be prevented and controlled through a combination of at-home self care and in-office therapies that are relatively simple. For skin that is already showing signs of damage, our individualized skin care regimen can help remove dark age spots, pre-cancerous areas and wrinkles.

Good general skin care is frequently all that is essential for a healthy complexion. Our office consultation will determine which routine is best suited to your skin needs.

Contact Dr. Kurzman to learn more and to schedule a cosmetic consultation. Please call (718) 317-0941 today.

Dr. Michael Kurzman

Dermatology Staten IslandDr. Michael Kurzman has been in practice in New York since 1986 serving Staten Island and the surrounding area.

He is a board certified dermatologist dedicated to helping patients enjoy youthful, healthy skin. ...

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